’til the Cows Come Home: Symphony in Five Movements . Video/Audio . 2014 . 21 minutes

Experimental durational landscape cinema that describes a place made larger by audio in the environment and off frame. Cows and calves moo and call for feeding time, leisurely then urgently, as a fierce storm rolls in over Wolf Mountain, location for fracking Pertlaw oil well.

Carpenter Ranch, a working cattle ranch, was managed since 1926 (and later purchased) by Farrington Carpenter .  “Ferry” Carpenter,  attorney, educator and rancher,  was appointed by President Franklin Roosevelt as first director of the United States Grazing Service (now Bureau of Land Management).  Addressing issues of land use and development and coming to common ground were his diplomatic skills.  Community engagement in innovative discussion and solutions continue this day through the stewardship of the Nature Conservancy, now owner of the 900 acre ranch in the midst of an agriculture and coal mining community.

Special Thanks to: The Nature Conservancy, Carpenter Ranch, Colorado Art Ranch, Grant Pound, Peggy Lawless, Betsy, Geoff, Sarah, Anna, Kaiya Blakeslee, Susan Knight, Joseph Chinnock, Kenneth Hinegardner, Antoinette LaFarge, S.A. Bachman, Bonnie Porter.  Taped on location Carpenter Ranch, Hayden, CO.

’til the Cows Come Home: Symphony in Five Movements | 2013 | video | Comments (0)

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