Snoots and Tales


TRT: 13 1/2 minutes

A girl grows up while working in a Hungarian ethnic butcher shop.

Memory, folktales, food lore and anecdotes tell tales of food that promise to bring health, happiness, love and luck.

Written, Directed, Edited: Amy Kaczur

Camera: Amy Kaczur, Carolyn Kaylor, Jerry Buzzard, Lee Day, Elizabeth Lieberman

With: Karen Aqua, Bill Burke, Jerry Buzzard, Leilah Feinstein, Andrew Kaczur, Robert Kaczur, Shirley Kaczur, Kristina Kehrer,

Martha Maness, Emory Mraz, Lisa Santoro, Lisa Weagraff, Joey Wittman, Chris Schlesinger and the Guys at Jake and Earls’ and East Coast Grill.

Special Thanks: R. Kaczur Meats

Szalonnák: there’s a famous Hungarian saying, a boss turns to one of his workers and asks,

“would you rather eat, or would you rather be warm?”

and the worker replies “I’d rather be roasting bacon”…

Snoots and Tales | 2012 | video | Comments (0)

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