Video: Messages from the Marsh – parts 1-3, 2021

Audio: A Rumble Inside, 2022

Maps: Atlas of Trouble, topographical maps drawn with ink, watercolor, charcoal, graphite, on paper and vellum, topographical maps drawn with ink, watercolor, charcoal, graphite, on paper and vellum, 2022

The Messages from the Marsh project is developed via site-specific research, video documentation, and in-person engagement. Videos shown reflect on immersion of spaces inhabited, spaces transformed, and spaces lost. The water’s skin, the separation of the realms of water and air, are explored through underwater and over water imaging. Each piece works in relationship with each other to suggest a fuller, interconnected and dynamic rhythm with resonant impact across their spaces. This work focuses on coastal marsh locations on the east coast, areas that are projected to be lost under water by 2050 through combinations of sea level rise, tides, and storm surge. I’ll continue to video above and within the marsh water bodies, and also create topographical maps of the marshes. The maps are marking a moment in time before the potential loss of these areas to ocean reclamation and salt marsh ecosystem collapse. I’ll continue to research the impact of coastal marsh loss on the ecosystem and probable species extinction, and efforts in preservation and management. Coastal marsh areas considered for the continued project, with travel permitting: Scituate, Conservation Park, Marshfield, Duxbury, North and South Rivers Basin Ipswich Salt Marsh, Great Marsh Area, Plum Island reserve, Mass Audubon’s Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge Boston Harbor Islands Truro, Pamet & Salt Marsh, Sandwich, Sandy Neck Beach Great Marshes New York/Lower Manhattan, Long Island South Bay Delaware, Black Water National Refuge NC Outer Banks, Alligator River reserve, Currituck Outer Banks, Shackleford Banks, Rachel Carson Reserve on Carrot Island Crystal Coast, Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge Savannah, Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Ogunquit, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve Miami, Everglades National Park, Florida Keys

Special thanks to Kenneth Hinegardner

Messages from the Marsh – Parts 1- 3 and A Rumble Inside | 2022 | installation, video | Comments (0)

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