Kodachrome Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Falls, 8mm stills, 1969-2012

Kodachrome Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Falls is a reworking of a family film taken in 1969 by my father. It’s a piece about the inspiration of seeing the tremendous beauty of the falls for the first time.  The Kodachrome colors have changed over time, adding to the visual memory of nostlagia in the attempts to recreate time and place, and the joys of discovering the wildness of nature.

Following the river-run through my Father’s observations, I’m trying to freeze frame time. Searching for clues to what he was trying to capture and what the world may have looked like through his eyes, I’m also paying homage to the innocence of a 9 year old girl that stood by his side in sublime wonder.

Kodachrome Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Falls | 2012 | film, video | Comments (0)

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