COVID-19 quarantine

4 mins 30 secs . video loop, no audio . 2020

Video art print via Infinite Objects . 5.7 x 8.4 x 0.9 inches . made to order

This project wasn’t planned. COVID-19 upended and challenged our lives in ways we don’t yet recognize, and are still just beginning to frame. I had been working on a project examining local flood zones when quarantine held me at home, and the coastal marsh areas central to the project became inaccessible by public health mandate. Work derailed, loved one’s health and livelihoods were at risk on the front lines, and the day to day became blurred. Values and time had been altered during the pandemic and collective online gathering and grief was a new window into our new normal. The massive cultural experience of baking, mask making, zoom, online life, washing, disinfecting and more washing became fully integrated into our new rhythm. Attuned to survival and taking care more closely than ever, we had essentials and a home at the edge of a pond. We were very, very lucky. Overwhelm, anxiety, isolation and stasis eventually gave way to tiny acts of hope. Coping with the pandemic and stay-at-home orders prompted focus on new routines and daily rituals. This small video focuses on some of those moments, while staying “here” and discovering life in and around the home, with the common thread of water bodies and water’s nourishment.

Location: Bound Brook Pond, Norwell, MA

Shot on Canon EOS Rebel T7i, iPhone 7 Plus, and GoPro HERO3

Special thanks to:
Kenneth Hinegardner, Laura K. Lombardo, Jane Gillooly, Ken Winokur

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